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Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity Journals and Reports

Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity: A Systematic Review of Provocation Studies

WHO: Electromagnetic fields and public health

Microwave and Radiofrequency Radiation Exposure: A Growing Environmental Health Crisis?

Possible Health Implications of Subjective Symptoms and Electromagnetic Fields

Electromagnetic Field Sensitivity

Hypersensitivity to RF Fields Emitted from CDMA Cellular Phones: a Provocation Study

Human Exposure to Radiofrequency Energy from Wireless Local Area Networks

Definition, Epidemiology and Management of Electrical Sensitivity

Neurophysiological Study of Patients with Perceived 'Electrical Hypersensitivity'

Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity: International Workshop on EMF Hypersensitivity

A Systematic Review of Treatments for Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity

ICNIRP Publications

ICNIRP: Guidelines for Limiting Exposure to Time-Varying Electric, Magnetic, and Electromagnetic Fields

ICNIRP: Guidelines on Limits of Exposure to Static Magnetic Fields

Voices and Witnesses about Electro-Hypersensitivity

Mobile Phone Sensitivity

Sensitivity to Mobile Phone Base Station Signals

Does Short-Term Exposure to Mobile Phone Base Station Signals Increase Symptoms in Individuals Who Report Sensitivity to Electromagnetic Fields?

Are Some People Sensitive to Mobile Phone Signals?

RF and Microwave Information

OSHA – Radio Frequency and Microwave Radiation

FCC Maximum Permissible RF Exposure Regulations

Cell Tower Energy Guidelines for RF Exposure

RF Check Organization

Radio Frequency Safety Information from the FCC

General Hypersensitivity Information

Effects of Electromagnetic Radiation from Transmitters (list of reference information)

What is Electro-Hypersensitivity

World Health Organization (WHO): Electromagnetic fields (EMF)

Electromagnetic Fields

EMF Standards Explained

Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity: Talking to Your Doctor

RF Exposure Calculator for HAM Radio

ARRL Amateur Radio – RF Safety


Do High-Voltage Power Lines Cause Cancer?